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Automatic loading and cutting for float/coated and laminated glass. Cutting lines, equipped with stranding units allowing glass pieces to be cut and separated in a single process. Standard cutting and special shapes can be cut easily via CNC/PXF.

Cutting optimisation allows for greater efficiency.

Our installed capacity allows us to do two types of printing: roll printing, which normally fills the entire glass, and screen printing, which is carried out using a matrix tool, which allows a plot or design to be printed.

The result of decades of experience in tempering flat glass enables us to temper complex glass, such as triple silver-coated glass. Moreover, our tempering furnace enables us to achieve thicknesses from 3mm to 19mm and to make heat-hardened glass in the same way.

In addition to symmetrical compositions, we manufacture laminated glass with customised dimensions/shapes, in asymmetrical compositions, with the option of including coloured PVB and other high acoustic or mechanical performance options. We offer the possibility of combining products according to the requirements of each project.

We manufacture double glazing for traditional frames, minimalist frames, façades, refrigeration equipment and we can also execute structural glazing (VEC – Exterior Glazing).

Technology, innovative and creative work

Vitropor’s team is specialized in adding value to flat glass, directed toward product-development and manufacture detailed and pioneering solutions.

For this purpose, our quality and product development department carries out daily laboratory tests and assays and makes use of research and technology public organizations to obtain the certificates needed to work in target niches such as the automotive, shipbuilding, interior partition walls, swuimming pool glazing, cooling applications and urban furniture.


Vitropor stands out for its commitment to technology, innovation and creativity, but also for its capacity to integrate all production stages – cutting, grooving, tempering, silk-screen printing, laminating, double gluing and storage – in a single location: its 15,600 m2 facilities.

This condition guarantees by controlling production and reducing intervention times, a safe and optimised production.


  • CE marking (European Conformity)
  • ISO 9001-2015 – Quality Management Systems
  • Ecolub 22′ – management of used lubricating oils
  • SME Leader 2021
  • SME Excellence 2021
  • EN 12150-1 e 2 – Tempered Glass
  • EN 1279-5 – Double Glazing
  • EN 14449: 2005 – Laminated Glass
  • R43 – Automotive Glass
  • Tempering of complex layers
  • Sentryglas lamination
  • ISO 614 – Conformity testing for shipbuilding