Our story

  • Foundation of Vitropor S.A.
  • Installation of a horizontal tempering furnace (2nd in Portugal)
  • Concentration of company facilities in a single location
  • Installation of laminated glass production line (1st in Portugal)
  • New convection tempering furnace
  • New line of double glazing with automatic sealing
  • Reinforcing manufacturing capacity
  • Ceramic roller and silk-screen painting line
  • New gas filling equipment
  • Unloading supports in the sheet glass warehouse
  • New convection and IControl for tempering furnace
  • New control panel for the laminate line and the autoclave
  • Introduction of a vacuum pump in the autoclave
  • LED lighting
  • Vertical grinding
  • Finalist for the European Sustainability Award for SMEs
  • Novoperfil 2022 Award – ‘Excellence’ company in the glass sector

Vitropor Team

A team of excellence, creating excellent results.

Pedro Aguiar

Arménio Alves

Mónica Santos

Sónia Moreira

Carla Martins

Fernando Mendes

Maria Almeida

Pedro Silva

Rúben Melaia

Avelino Ribeiro

Rui Baltarejo

Nuno Marques

Social Responsibility

Vitropor is a company aware of the role it plays in the community and therefore plays an active role in its transformation, promoting its relations with all those involved in the areas in which it operates.

This is done by guaranteeing working conditions, hygiene and safety to its employees, and by implementing policies to combat precariousness, such as the creation of lasting employment contracts and investment in continuous training and in integrated work in multidisciplinary teams.

With its suppliers and customers it ensures relationships based on communication and commitment, in order to allow secure and solid links, adapted and adjustable to the joint needs of the market.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Concerned with its ecological footprint, Vitropor seeks to ensure the energy efficiency of its products on two distinct and complementary levels: manufacture and finished product.

Vitropor seeks to acquire raw materials with a smaller ecological footprint, uses its own solar energy, resorts to green energy, remains committed to the progressive reduction of the times associated with the most demanding processes, such as laminating and tempering, seeks new procedures for the use of saturated water and ensures the selection of specialised work to reduce errors and waste. This effort is reinforced through partnerships with entities responsible for the efficient management of waste

Vitropor products seek, without exception, to simultaneously ensure a high acoustic, energy and thermal performance. Therefore, it has been able to integrate the Classe+ energy labelling system and the implementation of Passive House solutions such as Climalit Plus.

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