Our purpose

Vitropor’s purpose is to anticipate and answer our customer’s needs, ensuring lasting and appropriate solutions.

Pursuing our purpose, we base our daily work on values such as know-how, proximity and commitment, that safeguard our customer´s trust.

Our forward-looking plan is to, along with our customers, business partners and employees, keep searching highly efficient industrial processes and assure the manufacture ecological footprint products.

Tailor-made policy

Vitropor develops its products and solutions in accordance with the most demanding requirements and client’s needs. For this reason, Vitropor makes use of research and technology organizations as CTCV, INEGI, Itecons and University of Minho.

The use of these organizations has enabled the acquisition, in compliance with European standards, of several certifications essential to target market niches such as the automotive, shipbuilding, interior partition walls, swimming pool glazing, colling applications and urban furniture.


Our story

  • Fábrica de Espelhos Ribeiro – Beginning of the manufacture of double glazing/VEC
  • Foundation of Vitropor S.A.
  • Installation of a horizontal tempering furnace (2nd in Portugal)
  • Concentration of company facilities in a single location
  • Installation of laminated glass production line (1st in Portugal)
  • New convection tempering furnace
  • New line of double glazing with automatic sealing
  • Reinforcing manufacturing capacity
  • Ceramic roller and silk-screen painting line

Vitropor Team

A team of excellence, creating excellent results.

  • Pedro Aguiar
  • Arménio Alves
  • Manuela Almeida
  • Mónica Santos
  • Sónia Moreira
  • Carla Martins
  • Nuno Marques
  • Filipe Borges
  • Guilherme Machado
  • José Silva
  • Rúben Melaia
  • Avelino Ribeiro
  • Rui Baltarejo             
  • Filipe Caetano             
  • Filipe Pimenta             
  • Paulo Almeida
  • Ana Oliveira               
  • André Martins             
  • Bento Nunes               
  • João Leal                 
  • José Costa
  • Pedro Martins           
  • Ângelo Ribeiro           
  • Emanuel Dias         
  • Fernando Pereira       
  • Hélder Raimundo
  • Joaquim Rocha         
  • Joaquim Moreira       
  • Renato Oliveira           
  • José Pereira                 
  • António Silva
  • Paulo Ferreira             
  • Tiago Poças               
  • André Varejão             
  • Diogo Silva                 
  • José Oliveira
  • Ricardo Barbosa               
  • José Dias                           
  • Conceição Cunha       

Reference customers